Dave Trapnell webcam photo 1/1/2012
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 8/17/2013 -  Assembling Pop-Up Canopy
(38,153,347 bytes, Time Lapse, 29x, HD 1440 x 1080, 5000 kbps, viewing time 1:01)
Pop-Up Canopy Video
I forgot to anchor it properly for the Mojave Desert and after a few days it fell apart and blew away.

 8/25/2013 -  Assembling Car Canopy
(137,270,555 bytes, Time Lapse, 29x, HD 1440 x 1080, 5011 kbps, viewing time 3:39)
Assembling Car Canopy
I Keeping the sun off the cars is always a challenge here.
 3/11/2012 - 3/12/2012 - Oleander Maintenance
(289,923,667 bytes, Time Lapse, 30x, HD 960 x 720, 5006 kbps, viewing time 7:43)

Oleander Maintenance
Day 1: Completing one shrub, starting another. Day 2: Completing second shrub, starting a third.

4/15/2012  - Cutting Re-bar
(42,077,166 bytes, Time Lapse, 30x, HD 960 x 7205021 kbps, viewing time 1:07)
Cutting Re-bar
One of my least favorite chores. I use these chunks of iron to weigh down my irrigation drippers.

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